Who needs green design?

Our clients are individuals & families who have concerns about the environment. Their concerns are not only about the global environment, but about their personal environment as well. Our personal space is where we spend most of our time, whether at work or at home. Proper management of this personal space can give us enormous benefits. Our health & well being are dependent upon how & where we live. We have discovered allergies & medical conditions that are affected or caused by pollutants in our homes & work places. We believe that healthier choices of things in our personal space will mitigate many of our maladies.

In Wisconsin, 68% of us live in homes we own. Finding paints, stains and building materials with low levels of biocides, fungicides, pesticides and VOC's can greatly improve air quality and long-term health in a closed environment such as a cozy Wisconsin winter home. VOC's cause health problems such as dizziness, nausea, irritation of the eyes, respiratory tract, lungs, heart, eyes or even kidney damage and cancer. (California Air Resources Board finds over 2/3's of the 176 million pounds of VOC's emissions come from paints and coatings.) Toxic biocides can be detected in the air up to 5 years after the paint is applied and if not disposed of properly can seep into groundwater.

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